Jean Bailey Robor
                                                                              that 'Big But' humorous speaker
                                                                                          & leadership ambassador
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As seen on The JoyStream TV, You Tube, The Comedy Zone & featured in The Times News!
Take a look at what leaders are saying:

"Jean is packed with passion. She is approachable, educated and dedicated to helping people succeed. Jean has an ability to take complex issues and simplify them for her audience." -Ryan Avery, 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking

"I learned a lot from your presentation and it has encouraged me to L.E.A.D. like a leader!" - Kim Bolden,
Voices of Leadership

"Jean is an expert speaker with a positive message for all that kept my attention and taught me a valuable lesson in marketing." - Liz Solazzo, Burlington Writers Club

"Thank you for being prepared. You really do your homework. I'm impressed!" - Sheryl Roush, CEO of Sparkle Presentations

"Your 'Growing from Good to Great' helped the audience to identify what is holding them back, where they are and where they want to be. Through the acronym G.R.O.W. and the references you gave us, like the book by Craig Valentine, we are better equipped to face our challenges and overcome them confidently and positively." - Ditra Miller, President & Founder of Gospel Runner

"Jean's presentation was fantastic! She kept the audience well informed and everyone was attentive throughout the hour. I would recommend Jean because her message is very clear and concise; she has a way with words that keeps you entertained and gives valuable pointers. I give Jean two thumbs up!" -Michelle Lucas, PhD
Life Coach, Speaker, Storyteller

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Want positive, lasting results? If you're looking for a professional speaker that focuses on personal and professional development, Jean Bailey Robor, that 'Big But' humorous speaker delivers! Thought-provoking and inspiring, she delivers life-changing content in her down-to-earth Southern style. 
Born in Burlington, North Carolina, she has achieved a high level of success as an award-winning author and professional speaker with a remarkably inspiring signature story. Anthony Robbins says, "A true leader is someone who inspires others to become more of who they truly are." 

Today, through humor and inspiring slices of life, Jean offers engaging and interactive presentations that connect and challenges audiences to live their best lives now, personally and professionally. As an expert on topics of leadership and effective communication, she uses interactive programs and content with specific challenges and unique learning outcomes. If you and your team are prepared to do whatever it takes, even get a little uncomfortable, Jean can help you achieve incredible results. Jean says, "It's all about learning to thrive--as an individual or organization--and not just survive!"

In addition to her professional development and motivational speaking, Jean is a radio host, TV guest, author, freelance writer, teller of crappy jokes, business analyst, ghostwriter and wanna-be tall & skinny girl.
Jean uses life experience, education and personal stories to connect with audience members and tailors each presentation to their needs. Whether you need a humorous speaker, leadership skills workshop, a motivational keynote or professional group or one-on-one coaching, Jean Bailey Robor brings value and passion to your leadership journey and your life!